~ Sarvang Sampurn Gayki ~

Unique exceptional and distinguished contribution in Indian Classical Music through Sarvang Sampurn Gayki

Acharya Dr. Pt. Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj has established "Sarvang Sampurn Gayki" (Sarvang Gayki Shaily). In today's prevailing colloquial language of classical music, it is also called as Sarvang Gayki Gharana.

Thus, Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj ji has created his own style(Shaily) Sarvang Sampurn Gayki shaily, in which  Khayal, Dhrupad, Tarana in Sanskrit, Prabandh Gaayan, Dwi Padi, ChatushPadi, Shat Padi, Asht Padi, Several Raag mala's, Taal malas, etc. are created and composed by Founder under the pen name of "Madhurpiya".

Under the Pen Name of "Vraj rang", "Vraj Rang Piya" and "Guru Rang" Maharaj ji's son and Disciple as well ,Dr. Goswami Vrajotsavji G. Maharaj, also created and contributed  afforcet Bandish, Ragmalas etc. in this Parampara.

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